This is the home of RSC site.

The first round of pictures are up.

  2/14/06 -Happy Valentines Day.
I have the RSC portion of the site back up and running. I have some pretty big plans for it.
I am still planning on setting up a forum, and possibly a blog. It is a matter of time. Please send me some feedback and pass the word that the site is back up.
5/16/05 -HELP! I need some feedback. I know I need more content. I need your help with that.
-I am in the process of testing the forums. I am going to be looking for some volunteers to test soon.

4/21/05 More pictures on-line

4/19/05 Uploaded some more pictures. I have more to come.


  If anyone has more pictures to share send them to me and I will get them on-line.
  Please send them to: